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With so many brands and types of condoms available in the market, it becomes really difficult to choose a condom. The condoms that are currently available in market not only help in preventing pregnancy and STDs but also enhance the sexual play.
While choosing male condoms, you must consider various factors such as material, type, lubrication, size, texture etc. and choose what works best for you and your partner. To determine which condom you would like to use, read on and understand about various kinds of condoms.

Some common terms that you read on the condom packages are sensitive, extra strength, ultra thin etc. While some people like thinner condoms as they provide more sensation, other might choose thicker condoms to ensure safety. Nowadays you can also find ribbed and studded condoms that provide more stimulation during intercourse for extra pleasure. So try out different textures and see which texture works best for you.

A lot of people do not consider the size of condom, but this is a factor that must not be ignored. A condom that doesn’t fit right may be ineffective. If you wear a condom that’s too large, it might slip off during the intercourse and if you choose condoms that are too tight, they may break off during the intercourse. So now one can choose condoms of various sizes such as regular, snugger and extra large condoms.

Did you know that not all condoms are made with same material? Read on to find information about various kinds of materials used for manufacturing condoms.
- Latex: The most common material used in manufacturing of condoms in Latex.This is the least expensive option of condom and most brands make condoms of this material. These condoms must be used only with water or silicone based lubes. However, some people are allergic to latex and must consider using condoms or other materials.
- Polyurethane: This is made from synthetic material. The condoms can be used by people who are allergic to latex. Even these condoms can be used with water and silicone based lubes.
- Polyisoprene: These condoms are made of synthetic rubber sheaths. They are just like latex condoms in feel, elasticity and durability. Water, silicone and oil based lubes go well with these condoms.
- Lambskin: These condoms are made of lambskin i.e. intestine of lamb. These are the older type of condoms. While these condoms have the ability to prevent pregnancy, it does not prevent transmission of STDs. They feel were natural and can be used with water and oil based lubes, however, they are expensive.

One can choose a non-lubricated or lubricated condom. The pre-lubricated condoms come with interesting options such as warming lubricant, long lasting lubricant, climax delay lubricant etc. These condoms have lubrication and are easy to slide on and get to action.

If you are looking for some oral fun, you must try flavored condoms. Various condom brands offer condoms in flavors such as chocolate, mint, strawberry, banana etc. Avoid using flavored condoms for vaginal intercourse as the lubes used in these condoms has the ability to alter the pH of vagina and make it prone to infections.

Why should you buy condoms online?
You don’t need to head to a local store to buy a condom, now you can buy condoms online. The advantage of buying condoms online is you have a wide range of products available and you can take your own time and check out various available options. You can also involve your partner in condom selection process and build a romantic bond. Discuss the various features of condoms and as her what she likes. If you’re longing for oral pleasure, you can also ask her if she would like to try the flavored condoms. These advantages are not available when shopping from local store. You may also need to settle with the condom you don’t like as local stores have limited options.

While some people are loyal to a particular brand, some other like to try different brands to figure out what they like. Testing condoms of different features and brand can be fun. However, make sure you check the expiration date before using the condoms. Store your condoms in cool and dark place.
Now that you know so much more about condoms, try various available options and have fun!

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