Pipedream Sex Therapy Kit For Lovers

Price in points: 3500 points


Indulge in romantic sexual healing with fun use Pipedream Sex Therapy Kit For Lovers! You'll be surprised to see everything this kit offers to make it a romantic, hot and wet night!


Dont bother calling the Doctor for this one! Indulge with your lover in sex therapy you've never experienced before with a lot of fun stuff included in the Pipedream Sex Therapy Kit For Lovers.

What does the kit include?
- Furry Love Cuffs
- Satin Rose Petals
- Mini-Mite Massager & Heads
- Lovers Coupon Book
- Mega-Stretch Cockring
- Satin Love Mask
- Edible Body Paint
- Flavored Warming Massage Lotion
- 2 Hot Wax Candles

  • Why use this product? This Romantic Sex Therapy Kit from Pipedream has everything you need to turn an ordinary night into a night of sexual healing. From furry cuffs to naughty coupon books and everything in between, this kinky collection has your prescription for pleasure! Therapy has never been so much fun!
  • Indulge in sex therapy like never before: Set the bed for the night by scattering the satin rose petals. Lock the love cuffs around your lovers wrist. Then tie the mask around her eyes and surprise her and tease her. Massge her using the mini massager. Play with her using the body paint and the warming massage lotion. Well, just begin the night with a little fun and give her sexual healing like never before. The kit includes contents that will last for many romantic nights.
  • If you're planning your honeymoon, then don't forget to pack this love kit!

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