Bathmate Hydrodouche

Brand: BathMate
Price in points: 14000 points


With Bathmate Hydrodouche, made of the highest-quality materials, satisfy all your intimate cleaning needs. We are the only official sellers of Bathmate Products in India. Only our store sells 100% Original Bathmate Products in India.


Douches have been around for a long time, but like a lot of products there hasn't been any significant steps forward in design or materials. However, Bathmate Hydrodouche has been designed to take intimate cleaning to the next level. It is gentle, controllable and hygienic and comes with an easy to use gravity fed system.

  • What does the package include?
    • Adjustable Securing Strap
    • Mounting Bracket/Hydro Wand Holder
    • Hydro Chamber
    • Chamber Connector
    • Hose
    • Flow Regulator
    • Hydro Wand Connector
    • Hydro Wand
  • Why use this product?
    • The douche system helps in 360 degree, deep or shallow, intimate cleansing
    • Each component is made from durable, medical grade material for optimum quality and efficiency
    • Get full control over the water pressure with flow regulator
  • Who should use this product?
    • For couples who love anal play or anal sex, Hydrodouche is perfect. It helps in cleaning up for anal play in a hygienic and fun way.
  • How to use this product?
    • Attach to shower
    • Fill with water
    • Control the flow of water using the regulator
    • And that’s it, your Bathmate Hydrodouche is ready for use

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